Badminton Court

    Exclusive use :
    Civilian P350.00/hour
    Entrance fee : P70.00/head
    Attire : Sports shorts, T-shirt, socks, and flat rubber shoes-  soled shoes for  badminton.

    Point of Contact
    G7, HHSG, PA
    Mobile Number: OG7 HHSG, PA : 0997-455-3773 (Globe) 0998-944-6778 (Smart)
    Telephone Number: 845-9555
    Local: 5007
    Email Address:

    Court Designation
    1) Badminton courts 1&2 are designated for active and retired PA Officers. This unit further prioritized as follows:
        1st Priority - All Officers
        2nd Priority - One or more officer playing with other players
    2) When courts 1&2 are not in use, other players may avail and be allowed to finish the set before yielding to priority players.
    3) Badminton court 3,4,5 and 6 are open to all players on a “First come, first served” basis.
    4) Court 4,5 and 6 can be availed through reservation. Priority is given to paid reservations on specified time requested.

    Rules and Regulation
    1) All players/users should register and present receipts to the court attendant for priority listing.
    2) Adhere to queuing schedule. The next player/s must act as scorer before playing.
    3) One full game (2 sets with decision when necessary) is allowed per set of players to give way to other players standing by.
    4) Training activity is encouraged during non-peak hours from 0800H-1500H daily.
    5) A five minute warm-up is advised per game.
    6) Practices that may cause damage to facilities or injury to other users are prohibited. For situations or conditions not covered by this information, please consult the “POLICY GUIDELINES on the Use of PAWC facilities

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