HHSG Combo and Acoustic Band

    Maintenance Fee:
    Military Personnel                     Within Metro Manila  ₱ 3,000.00     Outside Metro Manila ₱ 5,000.00
    Civilian Employees                    Within Metro Manila  ₱ 5,000.00     Outside Metro Manila ₱ 8,000.00
    Civilians (entities/personalities)  Within Metro Manila -₱ 10,000.00  Outside Metro Manila ₱ 12,500.00

    Point of Contact
    G7, HHSG, PA
    Mobile Number: OG7 HHSG, PA : 0997-455-3773 (Globe) 0998-944-6778 (Smart)
    Telephone Number: 845-9555
    Local: 5007
    Email Address:


    1. Requests for the services of band/combo within Metro Manila shall be forwarded to the Commander of HHSG (Attn: G7) stating therein specific requirements for the activity.
    2. Action Officers for the utilization of band/combo shall inform the requesting party of the fees that will be charged, or the services being requested.
    3. All request shall be cross-verified with the Operations Branch, of OG3, HHSG for any conflict in schedules with any Command directed activities requiring the services of the band/combo.
    4.Upon approval, concerned units shall inform the requesting party and shall coordinate the details of the engagement.
    5. Requests for band/combo outside Metro Manila shall be forwarded to the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, (CMO), G7 (Attn: OG7, PA).
    6. OG7, PA will endorse the said request to the Office of the Chief of Staff, Philippine Army for approval.
    7. Upon approval, OG7, HHSG, PA shall coordinate with OG3, HHSG, PA for the movement and security of the band/combo.
    8. OG7, HHSG shall coordinate with the requesting party for the transportation, billeting, meals and maintenance fees.

    Philippine Army Marching Band
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