HHSG conducts Restructured Reenlistment Training

    The reenlistment in the regular force for the enlisted personnel shall be for a term of three (3) years. Reenlistment, being a renewal of the contract of enlistment, shall be by application and subject to the approval of the reenlistment authority concerned. The soldier will undergo reenlistment training, medical test, physical fitness test, marksmanship and reenlistment board in order to renew his service for another set of three (3) years. As per GHQ, General Order No. 1 dated 22 May 2017, higher headquarters crafted and approved the term of the regular force in the AFP will be six (6) years. Reenlistment is not a matter of right for the enlisted individual; neither is it a matter of personal consideration. The interest of the military service shall be given primary consideration and only persons in qualified status shall be reenlisted in the service.

    RRT Class 02-2018

    Lapu-Lapu Hall, HHSG, PA - Headquarters & Headquarters Support Group, Philippine Army opened its second Restructured Reenlistment Training (RRT) on June 18, 2018 at the Lapu-Lapu Hall, HHSG, PA. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Staff of HHSG, COL ORLANDO B EDRALIN PA as GOHAS. The three-week training adopted the new Program of Instructions (POI) designed by HHSG, it comprises of various subjects that will enhance the discipline and knowledge of the soldier before they continue their military service. This training will also improve their proficiency to a level where it can effectively and fully perform its constitutional mandate as soldiers and become more efficient in their tasks and responsibilities. The training covers Awareness and Security Seminars, Military Justice System, Courtesy and Discipline, Transformation Roadmap, Code of Ethics, Pay and Allowances, First Aid and Drills and Ceremonies. The training is expected to culminate on the second week of July 2018.

    One of the surest means for improving the organization is by increasing organizational and individual capabilities through the introduction of training, coaching and mentoring. The Unit, spends as much time training as it does executing — even in the midst of task at hand…

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