GSMO leading HHSG in unit upgrading in ATR

         The Office of Governance Strategy Management conducted a two-day seminar workshop regarding Strategy Management last 13-14 June 2018 held at Lapu-Lapu Hall. This seminar workshop was intended to educate and update the Officers and NCOs about the Army Transformation Roadmap. This seminar workshop involved 36 participants from different offices and sub-units of HHSG. Instructors and speakers came from AGSMO, PA that were knowledegable about ATR. It was indeed a two-day knowledge advancement for the participants for they have the capacity to update their office scorecard that is needed in updating and upgrading  the Unit's level in ATR.

         GSMO, HHSG, PA oversees and manages the execution of the functional processes and strategy related to governance to ensure the successful implementation of the Army Transformation Roadmap in HHSG. Army Transformation Roadmap is patterned after the Performance Governance System (PGS), a local adaptation of the Kaplan and Norton’s Balance Scorecard of the Harvard Business School. With this framework the HHSG brings closer to its vision to be a world-class Army that is a source of national pride.

         The Strategy Management Training capacitates the units and offices down to individual personnel of HHSG to align and synchronize all its process and strategy through scorecard development that will guide the HHSG, PA in pursuit of excellence and good governance.

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