PA, Congratulates Newly Promoted Colonel

         On 18 June 2018 during the flag raising activity, MGEN ROBERT M AREVALO AFP, Vice Commander, Philippine Army; together with MGEN DANILO CHAD D ISLETA AFP, Chief of Staff, Philippine Army; donned ranks to newly promoted full pledged colonels of the Army. The Vice Commander congratulated the newly Colonels of the Army. It was another milestone for the promoted colonels for it is the start of new responsibility as they receive a higher rank.   

        COL EDDIE M PILAPIL INF (GSC) PA, Military Police Battalion Commander, was one of the newly promoted colonels. It was a great achievement for the Military Police Battalion for having a full pledge Battalion Commander. Surely, this will lead to a better performance of duty and responsiveness in service.

         Another part of the flag raising activity was the recognition to the Philippine Army Athletes. MGEN AREVALO congratulated the Philippine Army Athletes Team headed by COL ANTONIO JOHN B DIVINAGRACIA CAV (MNSA) PA, Director of Special Services Center. MGEN AREVALO thanked the team for bringing pride and honor to the Philippine Army through sports. A Plaque of Appreciation was also presented to the athletes for winning in their respective sports events.

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