Launching of Vetiver Grass in SEBn Lagoon

    Vetiver grass, or Chrysopogon Zizanioides, is a tropical grass found in Asia. It grows in clumps and develops very deep root systems. As a consequence it is often used to prevent soil erosion as the deep roots can bind the soil together.

    The grass is also particularly strong and resilient. Research on Vetiver grass in the 1990s showed that it had a strong tolerance to salt and to soil with a low pH value (ie. more acidic soils). Combined with its deep root system that makes it perfect for cleaning up the wastewater, it doesn’t mind taking up the contaminated water (although sometimes the grass can look a bit peaky, if the water is that bad).

    Vetiver Farms, Philippines (VFP), a Community Social Enterprise promoted to HHSG the use of Vetiver grass as a sustainable solution for soil conservation and to protect and clean water supplies. It operates a number of successful projects domestically and abroad.

    Headquarters Service Battalion, HHSG, PA Headed by LTC HAROLD SUCAYRE started its new project “The Launching of Vetiver Floating Pontoons last Tuesday 19 June 2018. This activity signals the start of the rehabilitation and cleaning of the SEBn lagoon. The project was done in partnership with the Vetiver Farms, Philippines CEO Ms Mary Noah S Manarang, Office of the Chief Nurse (OCN, PA) under COL MARIA VICTORIA P JUAN, the Office of OG7, HHSG, PA and the Boni-Aides of HHCo under the supervision of CPT ABEN-SAAB S ABSARRI.  This project will not only bring us towards our goal of cleaning and rehabilitating the SEBn lagoon located inside HPA complex but this will also provide extra income to our civilian employees and Boni-Aides.

    The boni-aides were tasked as care takers during the rehabilitation of the lagoon, they were made to undergo ecological seminar conducted by VFP that trained them how to run and cultivate the vetiver grass in the pond that will in return rehabilitate and clean the lagoon.

    “Serving the People, Securing the Land #NursingtheEnvironment”

    These words were formed by vetiver grass, a plant that filters sediments and absorbs heavy metals, now being grown on “floating islands” along the pond to signify its revival after decades of pollution.  The boni-aides made a floating islands out of ornamental vegetation to look the lagoon more presentable. The effort also involved clearing the banks and canals connecting the lagoon. HHSG is looking forward to the outcome of the project in the days to come were our soldiers and their families living and working inside HPA can enjoy the clean lagoon in the future”.




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