Commemoration of Independence day

         Looking back to the history of our country, our soldiers have always been at the forefront of serving the people and securing the land. Our soldiers and heroes fought to free our country from oppressors and until now, they remain vigilant and courageous in upholding peace and security for every Filipino.

         As soldiers of Philippine Army, we must remain steadfast in our committment to serve the country. Let us become beacons of hope and freedom for our brothers and sisters and continue the good fight. Our endeavors to bring positive change through the innovations and services that we provide will contribute to the accomplishment of the Unit's Mission and attainment of the Army's mandate.

        As we celebrate and remember the heroism and courage that led to the independence of our country, let us embody all the more the core values of honor, duty, and patriotism. Let it serve as our guiding principles in our day to day lives. The Philippine Army will continue to serve those who serve the people and protect the land.
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