Familiarization of Glock 17 9mm Pistol

    191st Military Police Battalion, HHSG PA conducted a three (3) days pistol training to its personnel from 31 January to 02 February 2019 at HPA Firing Range. The activity was headed by no other than COL EDDIE M PILAPIL, Battalion Commander of MP. All Officers and Enlisted Personnel were trained in proper usage and skills that will boost their discipline in handling the issued fire gun.

    MPBn, was the 1st unit in HPA to be equipped with Glock 17 9mm pistol as service sidearm. The unit were able to familiarize the four cardinal rules of safety gun handling, dry shooting and live firing which is common to all uniformed personnel. This training is significant for every personnel to recall the basic yet important attitude and discipline in handling a fire gun to avoid accidental incidents.

    Safe gun handling is a personal responsibility at all times. Firearms are dangerous and can cause serious injury and death if they are misused or used inappropriate. Safety must be the prime consideration of anyone who owns or handles firearms.

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