HHSG led Camp Defense exercises in HPA

    HPA, Fort Bonifacio - The units and offices within HPA Complex headed by Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group recently completed series of camp defense drill/exercises that would increase the readiness and preparedness to defend the camp in case of enemy attack.

    During the drill, HHSG supervised the deployment, monitoring and prepositioning of troops. Despite of bad weather, soldiers conducted safe and rapid deployment and prepositioning of their assigned areas/sectors that lead to the successful conduct of the activity.

    The exercise tested the soldiers’ abilities to react to multiple threats using their skills and alertness. This drill integrated roving patrols with mounted armed vehicles, radio deceptive, medical team and ambulance deployment.

    The aim of the training was not only to provide the soldiers with the skills to defend the camp in the event of enemy attack but also provide soldiers with the skill they need during the attack.

    Military Police stopped traffics wishing to enter the camp and closed all the gates in order to isolate the camp from the enemy. Likewise, control barriers are being set-up to prevent and vehicles to pass in and out through the gate and prevent any vehicles to enter. Raid barrier were also intended to stop and survive incase there is an enemy truck bomb.

    At the end of these exercise, all personnel involved went on debriefing to evaluate the whole duration of the drill. The Philippine Army is confident with its security however there are certain things and strategies that needs further improvement to fully provide a better protection in the camp. Doing this kind of scenario is important for it set the minds of everyone to be aware and prepared to any circumstances that may arise in the future.

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