HHSG hailed its new Commander

    HHSG, PA- A change of command is a military tradition that represents a formal transfer of authority and responsibility of a unit from one commanding or flag officer to another. The passing of colorsstandards, or ensigns from an outgoing to the incoming commander ensures that the unit and its soldiers is never without official leadership, a continuation of trust signifies allegiance of soldiers to their commander.

     This 10th of September, HHSG, PA gathered to a formal change of command ceremony at the Philippine Army grandstand. After almost 7 months of dedicated service, BGEN ROY DEVESA AFP hand over his position as Commander of HHSG, PA to COL VIRGILIO B BARTOLOME FA (GSC) PA.

     BGEN DEVESA, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the men and women of HHSG, to the civilian employees and to the stakeholders who supported him during his stint. BGEN DEVESA earned credit not only for himself but for the Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group as well. He was given the Military Merit Medal Interim to Distinguished Service Star and a command Plaque as appreciation to his contributions to the unit.

     HHSG’s new commander, COL VIRGILIO B BARTOLOME FA (GSC) PA is the former Deputy Regiment Commander of Army Artillery Regiment. He is a proud member of PMA “HINIRANG” Class of 1987. Col Bartolome is imbued with dedication and commitment not just in soldiery but in leadership. As he assumed his post, he is now ready to face the different challenges that may differ from what he used to as an artillery officer. “This designation is not without high expectations. Not without big challenges and not without great responsibilities,” COL BARTOLOME acclaimed.

    The change of command ceremony commenced in the presence of family members, stakeholders, visitors from different sectors and retired distinguish officers.  


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