MP Battalion promotes Traffic Awareness

    HPA, Fort Bonifacio – 191st Military Police Battalion, HHSG, PA launched various information drives to develop traffic consciousness to all personnel with vehicles and to abide the rules and regulations inside HPA community. Last 22 June 2018, HHSG published the official camp traffic rules and regulations policy in HPA Camp. This is a SOP that reconciled the various traffic rules and regulations content separately in different published documents such as, HPA Camp Rules and Regulation, HPA Camp Security System, AFP LOI Hawkeye and traffic ordinances of the City of Taguig. This also served as traffic guidance handed by authorities.

    This SOP was complimented by another SOP which was intentionally published separately to give emphasis on its significant to the traffic enforcement inside HPA. This is the SOP on the Procedure/Guidelines for Towing and Impounding Operations Inside HPA Complex.

    To ensure that the HPA community and the public in general is fully aware of traffic rules and regulations contents in these SOPs before its full implementation, the 191st MP Battalion endeavors to identify the owner/driver of the vehicles perennially parked illegally along the HPA primary roads particularly those surrounding the Army General Hospital (AGH), road fronting the old AFPCES, road fronting TOCs, PAOLFS, and those usually parked overnight at St Michael Chapel, PAOCH, Army Provost, Technical Building, and side of Paoville Bravo and give them letter personally signed by Commander, MP Battalion informing them that their vehicle is parked in unauthorized area and that these vehicles might be clamped, towed or impounded with corresponding penalty. If the vehicle was clamped or towed at MP impound area, the penalty will be paid at ONAF, but if the vehicle will be towed by private towing operator at Taguig City impound area, the penalty will be paid at TMO Taguig City in accordance to the existing city traffic ordinances.

    The letter was reinforced by more than 300 copies of leaflets given to all drivers that passed along Gate 6, Gate 1 and Gate 7 for 2 days. The leaflet was given whether the vehicle has a decal or no decal, the driver is civilian or organic, and enlisted personnel or officer. The same information was provided that towing and impounding of illegally parked vehicle in HPA complex is in effect. That there is penalty imposed for towed and impounded vehicle, as follows:

    Offense   Penalty

                   Clamped Vehicle Towed Vehicle

    1st          Php 1,000.00 Php3,000.00

    2nd         Php 3,000.00 & OVR Php5,000.00 & OVR

    3rd          Php 5,000.00 & OVR Php8,000.00 & OVR

    4th          Banning inside camp / filing of case at PM/ eviction from awarded quarter

                            This traffic information drive was highlighted during the conduct of TI and E by HHSG to the residents of HPA last 28 July 2018 at PAOLFS covered court. COL EDDIE M PILAPIL (GSC) INF PA, Commander of 191st MP Battalion passionately discussed and emphasized the following among the attendees.           

                            That the MP personnel as guards of HPA gates are mandated to inspect and ascertain the identity of individuals passing the HPA gates whether on foot or inside the vehicle, inspect the vehicles and ensure that only vehicle with decal or pass card will ply inside HPA complex, and to inspect all stuffs being brought in or out to prevent pilferage, theft and of bringing inside of hazardous materials/items. The main purpose of which is to ensure that only authorized individuals, vehicles and stuffs shall be found inside HPA complex for the safety, security and protection of all individuals living and working inside HPA.

                            The MP personnel are also mandated to enforce all military laws and orders, as such, anyoneloitering around shall be asked to identify through issued military ID or HPA Post ID, direct individuals to wear appropriate attire, apprehend stray animals, penalized traffic violations and enforce curfew hours.

                So far, the foregoing initiatives are raving noteworthy appreciations from the HPA community, and for the MP personnel this only shows a continuing challenge to do the job well and do it the right way. Anyway, all initiatives are all geared towards the achievement of orderly, happy, safe and secured HPA community for all.

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