Activation of Electronic Security System of HHSG Command Group Building

    HPA, Fort Bonifacio- Electronic Security System is a means or method by which something is secured through a system of interworking components and devices. Some of its components includes; CCTV’s and biometrics. A close circuit television (CCTV) can produce images or recordings for observation or other private purposes in a limited set of monitors. A biometric on the other hand, is a technology that capture, process and measure characteristics electronically and compare them against existing records to create a highly accurate identity management capability. It transmits various motions to a specific place and does automatically identify individuals.

    With a highly interchanging and upgrading globe, evolution is a must, taking ‘security’ as a vital sample. From manual to electronic, the Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group, PA provided its building with these electronic security systems consisting of a DVR, 4 cameras, 4 bullet cameras, 2 access door biometric and a 32 inches Television. Its aim is to strengthens the security, inside and outside of the building premises. As constant monitoring, it’ll opt to produce a clear surveillance allowing to display the properties and the people in a most convenient yet effective way.

    The activation of Electronic Security System was conducted today 060900 August 2018, led by the Post Commander BGEN ROY T DEVESA AFP, participated by the unit commanders and the HHSG personnel. As they order to adapt the trend of best operation devices, may it serve as a concrete example that Support Group does not only comply to its responsibilities outside the corners of its building, thus apply those practices within the very headquarters itself. To sum, the activation of the Electronic Security System signals the innovation of HHSG, PA as it amplifies the structure of the unit to its cause.

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