Blessing of the New HADR Equipment

    Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) is a programme to facilitate and enhance cooperation on preparedness and response strategies to fragile and unpredictable situations we face in the Asia-Pacific. The programme also seeks to develop the next generation of global leaders in HADR through roundtable sessions, dialogues and workshop.

    With this, almost 6 Million worth of HADR equipment is being brought by the Philippine Army. Given to the Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group, PA, the said equipment includes; 3 Rescue Boat with Outboard Motor and Trailer, 4 Auto Donning Plask Mask Valve, 3 Light Strut System, 2 Concrete Chain Saw, 2 Rotary Rescue Saw and 2 other sets of chain saw.

    The equipment are deemed beneficial and is instrumentally needed for the future unwanted calamities, operations and insurgencies that might happen in our area and the near places within reach. They are believed to be distributed to the Disaster Response Unit of HHSG. In order to enhance the usage of these facilities, there will be a life boat training and various workshop activities to be held on the 525th Engineering Battalion.

    HHSG commenced the blessing of the said facilities in front of the HHSG Building on the 30th of July 2018 around 1400H, headed by the Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group, PA Commander, BGEN ROY T DEVESA AFP.

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