HHSG Troop Information & Education

    Troop Information & Education is essential to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission. Without communicating, officers, heads of office and unit commanders cannot reasonably expect their personnel to perform their job efficiently and effectively. Mostly we often provide job descriptions in order for the troops to know and understand their job. However, active information dissemination plays an important role in the organization. At the most basic levels, a soldier who do not know what's expected of him seldom perform to his potential.


    HHSG Troop Information & Education

    A value is one of the foundations of the organization that guides the troops to fulfill their mission. In order for the troops to learn these values; values of loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity, and personal courage HHSG conducts continuous Troops Information & Education to its personnel. It is the desire of the Commander HHSG, BGEN ROY T DEVESA AFP that his wisdom, guidance and instructions would reach to the lowest rank within his command. To fulfill this challenges, COL KIRAM AZGAR GRAJO the Deputy Commander of HHSG and MSgt Alfonso Ibarra the Command Sargent Major personally conducts TI&E to the subordinate units making it sure that the instructions and wisdom of the commander is properly disseminated.


    Some of the topics being discussed during the activity:

                Mission of the Unit - HHSG provides service support role like medical, security, housing, ceremonial services and administrative function as complimentary unit to HPA. The unit is steadfast in serving the country and the Filipino people. It plays a meaningful and dependable service that is vital in attaining its mission. HHSG is living in its motto “Serving Those Who Serve”

                Discipline of the individual soldier - The characteristic that involves the ability to obey and follow simple task or orders. It is a huge factor in life and most useful quality that every soldier should live by and use often.

              Self-Development – Every soldier are encourage to consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential. Every personnel of HHSG are encouraged to go on schooling, Training and Seminar in order to develop their Skills.

                Spiritual growth – Every soldier are encourage to exercise their faith in GOD regardless of religion. The unit honors every religion within the unit.

                Health – Live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy body in order to handle all aspects of a demanding mission while remaining healthy. Every soldier was encouraged to stay fit and healthy at all times to prevent them from acquiring diseases that will shorten their lives. Likewise, being physically fit improves the performance on their job and psychological wellness.

                Family – While in the service there are challenges and distraction that might come along the way of being a father. A good father/parent is critical in a family especially in the lives of the children, it is more important to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. A healthy home life is a vital ingredient in the pursuit of a meaningful and successful life in the future.

                Financial growth – Every soldier are encourage to avoid engaging in any investment scam that promising high interest of shares, limit unnecessary loans and spend their money wisely for their future and the future of their family. 



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