MSAB Quarterly Meeting

    The Headquarters & Headquarters Support Group, Philippine Army Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board was created back in 07 May 2015 to promote continuity, sustainability, and shared responsibility for the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR). It has been contributing significantly in the efficient implementation of the plans, programs and activities of the HHSG. The HHSG MSAB is tasked to serve in an advisory capacity and to submit its findings and recommendations to the Commander, HHSG.

    The board conducts its regular meetings every two months. Committee meetings were also held as necessary to address specific areas for sustaining the ATR.

    • Ensure the adoption and institutionalization of the Performance Governance System (PGS) as embodied in the ATR and further translated into Strategy Map and Performance Governance Scorecard of HHSG including their subordinate units.
    • Provide assessment of ATR-related programs, projects, and activities and recommend relevant policies critical to achieving breakthrough results;
    • Enhance partnerships with key stakeholders and generate public support for the ATR and HHSGTR;
    • Evaluate and assess the unit’s performance relative to its scorecard and the implementation of ATR-related programs, projects, and activities; and
    • Assist in the generation of additional resources to support HHSG programs, projects, and activities.

    The Board may include such other related roles and responsibilities as deemed necessary in the performance of its mandate.

    The MSAB conducted its second meeting last 04 July 2018 at Ugnayan Hall, FBMM. The board formed different committees to effectively and efficiently support the Army Transformation Roadmap of HHSG. Different committees included Governance Committee, Resource Committee, Strategic Committee and lastly the Assessment and Review Committee. Respective committees will have their group weekly meeting and submit a report afterwards. MSAB members also approved the previous minutes of the last session and accredit the MSAB Protocol. Each member gave constructive comments how to improve the unit’s Performance Scorecard. As BGEN ROY T DEVESA AFP, Post Commander said: “We do not stop, we continue to keep. We continue to enlist the support of all the other people that we know that help us and promote the objective of the ATR and the tradition of the Army to be a world-class Army in 2028 to be more or less achieve.”  This Multi-Sector Advisory Board is significant for HHSG in pursuing genuine transformation and attaining the Unit’s Vision and Mission.



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