The Essence of a Soldier

         Soldiers are not just protectors of the land. We are peace keepers. We are beacons of hope. We are the first responders to risky situations. We are lifesavers during calamities. We are brothers and sisters of our fellow Filipinos and we must remain steadfast and committed to serve others.

         Being a soldier is never an easy job. More often than not, we are apart from our families, assigned in the field, reporting to work even on holidays. But we must never give up. We work not just to serve the country. We must also work to uplift others, especially our fellow soldiers.

         Let us become mentors and work towards developing the character of every Filipino soldier. Let us continue to motivate and empower our fellow NCOs and inculcate among us discipline and passion for service. We must embody the core values of honor, patriotism, and duty and continue to support the Army Transformation Roadmap and contribute to the attainment of the Arm's mission and vision to be world-class Army.

         Every experience and challenge that we encounter must become avenues for learning and an opportunity to improve ourselves. We need to learn to accept responsibilities and accomplish it to the best of our abilities. Let us work hard to become a better soldier every day and encourage others to do the same. What we can do as individuals has a great impact on the attainment of our mission. We must persevere and let our love for the country be our strength in serving the people and securing the land.

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