Passion for Service


         For the past eleven years, I was assigned at MP, HHSG, PA. During my stay in this Unit, I have several experiences and challenged that honed and molded me into the soldier that I am today. It also made me realize that we are blessed to become soldiers because not everyone is given the opportunity to be part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to serve and protect the land.

         During my stay in the service, I have learned that the most important thing to become an effective and efficient soldier is to remain passionate and dedicated to serve others. This will motivate us to become better and work hard to contribute to the the endeavors of the Army to fulfill its mandated mission and pursuit for positive change.

         Furthermore, my experiences in the service emphasized the importance of learning to do what is right and maintaining the integrity and dignity of every soldier. We must be worthy of the uniform that we wear for it is a symbol of peace and steadfast commitment to service.

         We are soldiers of this country, and we must never leave anyone behind.


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