My Passion, My Life

    A typical professional athlete devotes her body to training for the betterment of her craft. Her main focus is winning in every competition that comes her way. She practices discipline and gone through a thorough training since the day she falls in love with her sport. But talking about a soldier-athlete is a different story. She has to give more than what a usual professional athlete gives.

    SGT ESTIE GAY D LIWANEN (MS) PA is a beast when it comes to Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu. She joined the Philippine Team on 1999. She was a licensed criminologist and a graduate of Bachelor of Laws at the Manila Law College, Manila City.

    She entered the military service in the year 2002. While in the service, Sgt Liwanen became a National Judo Champion of the Philippine Judo Federation from 2000-2010 and been part of several Asian Games. She is also a National Wrestling Champion Medalist 2018 and Recently, she bagged 4 gold medals in a just concluded Jujitsu National competition held at the Mall of Asia Arena.

    Sgt Liwanen often serves as an instructor to various professional development seminars and trainings in self-defense like Judo, Taijo-Jutsu, Karate-do, and Juno Kata. In spite of her numerous medals, awards, and achievements as an athlete and a soldier, she remains humble and low profiled as she continually inspires others to follow her steps.

    As she always says, “It is not just a mere sport for me, it defines who I am, it is my lifetime passion”. As a soldier-athlete, Sgt Liwanen has the opportunity to do her duties and pursue her passion in sports, bringing  honor not only to the Philippine Army but to the country as a whole.  

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