Beyond Passion and Service

    Remarkable, exceptional and a Champion… these words can definitely define the slender man behind great strength and fast speed. A title holder and a record breaker, this is how Pfc Richard SL Salaño made noise in the Philippine Army as he slayed every Athletic competition he competed in and nailed every gold medal he received.

    PFC Richard SL Salaño 923409 (Inf) PA is a native of Loma De Gato, Marilao Bulacan. The youngest of 6 siblings and a father of two. He was an alumnus of University of the East in BS Information Technology.  He started his passion for Athletics during his High School years and inspired by his brother, he pursued sports even in his college days. He was an athlete scholar at the University of the East and was the Rooky of the year in UAAP Season 72 and Most Valuable Player in Season 76;

    In the Army      

    Before he was enlisted in the Philippine Army, PFC Salano was invited to join in the Philippine Air Force but he declined the offer. He finished his baccalaureate degree before he joined the service. Salaño applied three times in the Army before he was finally enlisted in the Special Services Center. Salaño won various competitions inside and outside the country, bringing the name of the Philippine Army. He won awards in both International and Local Sports competitions.


    2012 Asian University Games in Laos – 5th Place

    2014 Yamanashi Marathon in Japan (Guest Runner) – CHAMPION

    2016 Phuket International Marathon 21k in Thailand – CHAMPION

    2017 Danang International Marathon 21k in Vietnam – 3rd Place

    2018 Jeju International Marathon in South Korea – 2nd Place


    2016 & 2017 Milo Marathon Elem in Lucena – 2-Time CHAMPION

    2016, 2017 & 2018 SM2SM International Marathon 21k in Cebu – 3-Time CHAMPION

    2018 Ayala Philippine Athletics Championship in Ilagan City – 3-time CHAMPION and MVP of the Event.

    2018  1st Elem  5k of PATAFA - 1st Place and  New personal best of  in 5000 m( 15 mins and 13 sec)


    For PFC Salaño, being an athlete is not an easy job, you must make sacrifices to gain victory. “Hangga’t di ka pa tapos, hindi ka pa panalo”, PFC Salaño said. His trainings are unimaginable and physically challenging and demanding, but he manages to do it. Sport is not an easy path, for sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

    There were times when PFC Salaño experienced defeat. He was once defeated by his rival in Athletics, Rafael Poliquit of the Philippine Air Force Team and a tough contender for Salaño since their college days and until now that they are both in the service. In one competition, Poliquit won over Salaño with just one second and it was the biggest regret for Salaño.

    However, inspite of his loses, PFC Salaño never gave up. He knows that he must always exceed his past performances in order to be a better athlete. PFC Salaño aspired to be an inspiration for the athletes in his unit. In spite of his achievements, honor and praises that he received, he remains humble and a simple man.

    His parents always reminded him, “Wag maging mayabang at palaging lingunin ang pinagmulan.” This humble advice from his parents served as his motto in life to overcome every challenge he faced. He always thanks the Almighty God for his given strength and gift of life; to his family especially his wife who’s been by his side all the time; his Commanding Officer, COL ANTONIO JOHN B DIVINAGRACIA who gave him moral and physical support all throughout his events; the Post Commander, BGEN ROY T DEVESA AFP for recognizing his talent, skills as well as for supporting his endeavor.

    For his upcoming events, he is set to contend in Manila Bay Clean Up Run on 15 July 2018. During weekends he participates the Philippine Athletic Track And Field Association (PATAFA) Weekly Relay which is open for everyone. PFC Richard Salaño is a man of dedication, perseverance and passion. His commitment to the organization made him even more dedicated to his passion in Athletics. He is currently a proud member of the Philippine Team to compete in the upcoming South East Asian (SEA) Games 2019 to be held in our country. Before this prestigious event, his goal is to elevate his strength by joining the next level of 42km run after a matter of time.

    Who knows? Maybe this man who can run 1 kilometer in just 2 minutes and 43 seconds will be a world champion someday. You always make the Army proud. Snappy salute and kudos to the Philippine Army Team!


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