HHSG to Automation

    As we move forward to the roadmap we are taking that is to be the world class Army by 2028, we will calibrate this group with a good information system to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in support to the mission of the Philippine Army.

    In this 21st Century, manual systems are obsolete because of the revolution of technology in the world. Status quo, we have many issued computers in our offices but the questions are “are we computerized?” and “did we become more efficient, effective and productive through the usage of these computers?”

    Leveraging information technology to its maximum use can help improve any organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. This status quo is computerized workplace and leveraging information technology suggest us to have an automated workplace. What is the difference between computerized and automated workplace? According to the definition by Cambridge Dictionary, computerize means to use a computer to do something that was done by people or other machines before while automate means to make a process in the office operate by computers, in order to reduce the amount of work done by humans and the time taken to do the work.

    Computerization is not enough to become the world-class Army and be competent to protect our territory from cyberspace invasion in the next generation. Computers should not only be used in encoding documents and reports. Why not use these computers to maximize its purpose? Resources are limited yet we do not maximize and be efficient using it. We automate our workplace with one man, the job of three or more personnel will be done with less effort, time and resources.

    To materialize this concept, HHSG is starting to automate the transactions of the Special Service Center and Fort Bonifacio Housing and Management Center. Specific purposes of their newly developed information system are; proper data storage; easy retrieval of data; updated database of all catered personnel; easy production of reports; and a tool for future studies or decision-making process. Through this system, personnel will exert less time in searching for previous data, spend less paper to edit reports because of readily available embedded reports and eliminate hasty decisions because of outdated and untimely data.

    Let us not just innovate technology but leverage to its maximum use.

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