BGEN DEVESA : Strengthen Services, Sustain Change

    Strengthen Services, Sustain Change

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines is one of the government organizations which is expected to uphold the best standards of management and organization. Its main purpose is to protect and secure the interest of the state and its people. With a total workforce of 25,000 men and women from all over the country, the AFP is expected to implement policies and strategies that can effectively manage not only its operations but also its people and resources. As such, the state and its people will less likely to doubt the credibility to the AFP in performing its duties and responsibilities as the main protector of the land. To better show this, the AFP should make sure to improve and strengthen the services that it provides to the state and its people and learn to adapt and sustain the developmental changes that it experiences.

    Over the years, the AFP has tried to keep up with its contemporary military forces. The progress, however, has been so slow that we are still falling behind our neighbors. Although the AFP has started its modernization project recently, very little has been done to increase the capability of our soldiers. Aside from acquiring new equipment and capabilities, the AFP should ensure that the services it provides are also continuously improving. Trainings and exercises should also be continuously developed as knowledge and skills of the people are equally important as the equipment they operate. This will not only ensure that the equipment is used appropriately but will also develop and strengthen the services that the whole AFP provides to the state and the people. Moreover, such development greatly improves the organization and helps them perform their duties and responsibilities better than ever. Better service and capabilities will make the Philippines more influential and powerful in the region.

    In line with this, it is a great help that the state is moving to a modernized AFP to keep up with the accelerating change. Being a developing country, it is important that the Philippines strives hard to survive with the changes of the modern world. Globalization and development of technology do not only affect the business world but most especially the public and defense sector. New weapons, ways of fighting and new threats have emerged due to these and people become more aware of the events and happenings all over the world. Thus, keeping up with the change is a critical agenda to every organization especially the military. The modernization project of the AFP and the acquisition of new capabilities is therefore a smart and appropriate step of the AFP. Sustaining these changes and developing it more is very essential to our nation interest and security. This will not only ensure our security but will also contribute to the betterment of the country and its people.

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