Fort Bonifacio Housing and Facilities Management Center


              With the vision of the current Post Commander HHSG, PA, BGEN ROY T DFEVESA AFP to enhance the capabilities of the POST HOUSING OFFICE (PHO) in providing the best management of housing facilities inside HPA Complex, the Fort Bonifacio Housing and Facilities Management Center (FBHFMC) was activated effective 01 March 2018 pursuant to GO Nr 106 HHSG, PA dtd 13 March 2018. The office will answer the needs of the PA personnel inside HPA. It was installed to supervise and manage the post housing units and other post installation within HPA complex which aims to provide the best housing services to our personnel inside the camp”. The office caters the following:

    1. Provides facilities management and limited engineering services
    2. Provides supervision and management of the different transient and housing facilities inside the camp
    3. Provides emergency services, transportation and community services inside the camp
    4. Provides janitorial service support in support to the clean and green program of the camp

              The FBHFMC will undertake the full responsibilities for the efficient management of housing facilities and housing services to our soldiers.

    For more information please call or text FBHFMC numbers:

     845 - 9555 local 5488 or 0945-830-1096 (Globe).

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